In one of the caves of Montsoriu live three snakes, that carry a diamond in their mouths which they only leave when they drink water at a spring. He who could steal from them at that moment, would be rich and happy for the rest of his life.

Inside the cave the three snakes guard three laundry tubs full of enchanted coins. The spell can be undone by going there exactly at midnight of the summer solstice bringing bread soaked in milk to feed the snakes, and holy water.

They say that a woman from a very poor place went to the castle looking for the witch. The witch felt compassion for the woman and right there and then gave her broad beans; the woman filled sacks with broad beans and when she got back home the contents of the sacks had turned into gold and silver.

Two strangers arrived in Breda looking for a couple of brave men who would accompany them to Montsoriu Castle, with the promise of a share in the riches they would find there. At the accorded time they reached the enchanted place. The companions ran away frightened by the sound of weapons, horns, voices and apparitions of ancient characters and maleficent animals that appeared when the strangers cast their spell. After a while they saw the strangers coming down from the castle loaded with sacks from which they drew two golden coins as payment for the small service provided by the two villagers.

Every year on St. John’s day, when the belfry of Breda plays the first chimes of midnight, a door of the castle which leads to a room full of wheat and bran, opens. He who wants to become the owner has to go on this night, walking backwards and with busy hands, one holding a lit candle and the other holding a skull. He must take the grain with his teeth, put it inside a sack, and be quick about it because when the sound of the 12th chime ends the door closes once more. If he succeeds in getting out, he can’t look at the sack until after passing the stream. If he does it so, the grain will have turned into gold; if instead curiosity gets the best of him, he will only have sand. And if due to bad luck he could not get out, he will have to wait until the following year when the first chime of St. John’s night sounds on the belfry of Breda.