A lad, vassal of the lord of Montsoriu, married one of the most beautiful girls in the area

To satisfy the old vassal’s tribute, the groom presented the bride to the lord. At daybreak the groom hurried to the castle to recover his wife

The castle guards received the lad rudely and told him that the lord had not yet risen and that he should return the following day.

Three days went by with these poor excuses. On the fourth day the angry lad went up to the castle ready to do whatever was necessary. When the drawbridge dropped the lord himself turned up at the gate, and with teasing and contemptuous words handed over the lad’s wife. The lad took out his dagger and pierced the lord’s heart before his servants could avoid it.

The couple fled down the mountain, while the greatest turmoil took hold of the castle. When they arrived at the village, everyone was waiting for them, ready to take to the streets in defense of the rights of the young newlyweds. And legend has it that this popular movement was the origin of the War of Remences, in which vassals rose up against the abuse of power committed by lords and the nobility.