Mission, Vision and Values


Montsoriu Castle wants to become a national and international model among medieval castles, for both offering an attractive experience to the visitor and for explaining a momentous period of Catalunya’s history.
Monument that explains the history of Catalunya: national icon. Montsoriu Castle will become a monument of reference because of its architectural configuration, for its history and content, for its research activity, and for its program of events.
Responsible tourism.Montsoriu Castle will become a first rate tourist attraction within the international castle circuit. The castle will enable the enjoyment of heritage through a quality experience, while guaranteeing the physical conservation of the monument and hill of Montsoriu, and contributing to the development of the local economy.
Educational service space. Montsoriu Castle will explain and interpret the castle’s history and the splendour of the Crown of Aragó during the middle ages.
This didactic purpose will materialize in a contextual museographic presentation and in an ambitious activity program: guided tours, workshops, outings, etc.
The mission defines the reasons for the castle’s existence and establishes the foundations of future courses of action or development of the cultural institution.


Studying and interpreting the monument, through enjoyable narrations and museographic resources that illustrate the castle and its history.
Generating value added experiences through creative programmes.
Offering learning tools that are stimulating and relevant to today’s audience.
Presenting information and knowledge in a rigorous, precise and objective manner.
Provide access to knowledge in the manner demanded by the public.
Developing relationships and generating a social network.


Montsoriu Castle offers a trip into Catalunya’s medieval past and acts as an icon for cultural and nature tourism in the region of la Selva.


Specialists consider Montsoriu castle to be Catalunya’s best Gothic castle.
The formal characteristics of the ensemble – structured in three fortified enclosures – and its use as a palace and symbol of power of the main Catalan viscounty.
– The castle’s rainwater collection system is one of the 14th century’s most complex examples, and defines a monument of unique artistic and architectural qualities.
– It is very unusual to be able to study three chapels built in different styles within one architectural complex: pre-Romanesque, late Romanesque, and Gothic.

Montsoriu Castle offers panoramic views of Arbúcies, the Montseny massif and the Costa Brava.

The castle talks to us about one of the main lineages of medieval Catalunya: the viscountal house of Cabrera.


Veure'n més


Imatge corporativa

El Consell Comarcal de la Selva és l’actual propietari del monument arran de la cessió efectuada per la familia Ribot al 1998.


Consell Comarcal de la Selva

El Consell Comarcal de la Selva és l’actual propietari del monument arran de la cessió efectuada per la familia Ribot al 1998.


Patronat del castell

El Consell Comarcal de la Selva, propietari del castell, els ajuntaments d’Arbúcies, Breda, Riells i Viabrea i Sant Feliu de Buixalleu així com altres institucions públiques i privades integren el Patronat per a la gestió i conservació del castell de Montsoriu.