The guided tour of Montsoriu Castle is especially recommended for families with children 5 years of age or older. The 2.8 kilometer walk from the car park to the main gate of the castle is adequate for all ages.The guided tour allows you to find out all about the history of Montsoriu, its military and palatial structure, and it also includes aspects that are more attractive to children, such as the explanation about the legends surrounding Montsoriu and its environs.


Located at the top of the hill bearing its name, Montsoriu Castle can be the arrival point of different excursions originating in the monument's surroundings. You can choose the length and difficulty of the itinerary: from Arbúcies (2.5h), from Breda (1.5h) or from the parking lot at coll de Castellar (30-40 minutes). You can start your outing on the paths that traverse the Montseny Natural Park, with each season offering a special appeal. It is highly recommended to take the guided tour of the castle. If the size of the group allows it (30 people) you can have a guide exclusively for your group, along with interesting discounts. Also, the castle is a waypoint for several itineraries and bike routes that run through the area's forests.

School Visits

Treasures, knights and witches... A trip to the middle ages to discover Catalonia's great Gothic castle, perfect for primary and secondary school groups. Enter into the medieval world by way of Montsoriu Castle, the imposing fortress at the foot of the Montseny that belonged to the powerful Viscounts of Cabrera. The tour of the 3 enclosures of the castle and the visit of the halls dedicated to the medieval age at the Museu Etnològic del Montseny will bring you closer to a historical period that will surely captivate you.

The Great Castle of the Montseny

Montsoriu is located at the gateway to the Montseny Natural Park, Biosphere Reserve, and a visit to Montsoriu takes you on a route through a typical forest of the area, which is along the path that leads to the enclosure from the parking at Coll de Castellar. A diversity of plant and tree species can be seen along the itineraries, with imposing holm oaks and arbutus that alternate with cork oak, the hill's predominant tree.

Catalonia During the 16th Century

The visit to Montsoriu takes the visitor on an itinerary through a classic Mediterranean medieval fortress, and in this case it is by walking within the great Gothic castle that has been preserved in Catalonia. Montsoriu maintains the same structure, and a good part of the rooms and original details, of the great castle that was enlarged and reformed in 1350 by Viscount Bernat II of Cabrera. This is why the visit to the castle (we recommend the guided tour so that you get much more information on the historical aspects) is a live lesson of what military and civilian life was like in one of the most impressive fortresses of the Crown of Aragó.

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