Montsoriu on the Net

“Selfie” Location

Soon you will find two locations in Montsoriu Castle where you can take “selfies” during your visit. We encourage you to join in the promotion of Catalunya’s Gothic castle.
When you get to these locations all you have to do is follow the instructions on the information panels and then publish your image with the hashtag #selfieMontsoriu.

Montsoriu on the Net

Montsoriu Castle is on 3 social networks, which you can follow and thus be up-to-date with news of the castle.


Like most monuments that can be visited, Montsoriu Castle has an entry in Tripadvisor. We encourage you to write about us if you enjoyed your visit. And if you haven’t visited us yet, it is a good place to find out what our visitors had to say.

Al dia amb @montsoriu

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