On one occasion the Moorish king laid siege to the castle of Montsoriu in the belief that the lord of the castle and his servants would surrender when they saw his army. Thus one day, two days, fifteen days, and one month went by, until one day the lord of the castle of Montsoriu invited him up to the castle for a meal. Among the dishes that were served to him there was fresh fish from the stream. The fish were caught and brought up to the castle along a hidden tunnel. On seeing such a prodigy the Moorish leader gave up the siege and returned to his country.

A long time ago the Moors, who had become the masters of the castle of Montsoriu, exacted a yearly tribute from the village of Arbúcies. This consisted in handing over the most beautiful of all the damsels of the village. One year it was the turn of Pepa, a delicate and fine girl. When the Moorish king saw her he was speechless in the face of such beauty and he wanted to perpetuate her for ever more. When the girl found out she started to cry and sobbed a song that said:

-Why do you cry Pepa says her gallant
-I cried for my parents because when
they find out they will look for Pepa and in no place
in the world shall they find her

The Moorish king went ahead with his whim in spite of the damsel’s laments, he embalmed the girl and seated her upon a clay laundry container, full of money, in a secret mine near Hostalets.