At exactly midnight the Red Lady of the castle of Montsoriu shows her unkempt head at the top of the Ivy tower; in her right hand she carries a burning lamp and in her left hand a hunting horn. She calls with the horn three times. A call from the band of coll de Castellar answers her, and a little later the knight dressed in black appears with a horse of fire. He goes up the tower, places the Red Lady of the castle on his horse and they disappear into the darkness of the night.

Some authors relate the legend of the Red Lady with the feat of arms of the attack by Philip the Bold (of France), when the castle was a refuge for the Viscountess of Cabrera, named Marquesa, and her offspring and husband, the Count of Empúries. The viscountess waited in the castle for the return of the Count of Empúries, who had gone to war against the French to defend his lands in the Empordà region.